Where is my data hosted?

Your data is stored safely on secured servers in the US.

Can anyone access my account besides me?

Not even the CEO of Rebels can access your account.

Where is the company registered and its office located?

The company, Rebels Technologies Ltd is registered in the UK under the governance of England and wales, company number: 12224383  office address: First Floor Telecom House, 125 - 135 Preston Road, Brighton, England, BN1 6AF.

How can I contact you?

if you have more questions, or general inquiry feel free to message us by clicking the chat button or sending us an email on hello@rebelsapp.co

What's rebels about?

Rebels is a professional jobs and networking platform for content creators. Aspiring influencers can find collab jobs and network with other content creators.

 How do I delete my account and remove my connected accounts?

Go to your Profile, click on the gear icon, go to settings and click on deactivate my account

to disconnect your connected accounts(insta, YT, etc..) go to your profile and under social media presence click on the social network you want to disconnect, scroll down a bit and click on disconnect.


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